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Nowadays more and more people are betting on virtual sports and the most famous virtual being is on football, tennis, hounds, horses, basketball, motor sports and others.

What are the benefits of virtual bets over standard bets?

Certainly, there are advantages and disadvantages, but the most famous advantage is basically the opportunity to bet at any time. You do not have to wait for the start of a football match to play live or to search for football matches late at night. Here, virtual bets are permanent, 24 hours a day and you you choose when and how to bet.

Let’s take a look at some of the most betting virtual sports:

– Football is an interesting sport, with the option of playing the following for: a standard bet on a home win, away win and draw, a first and a second half forecast, goals under and over 2.5 goals, a total of goals, correct score, first goal scorer and chance to win at random options. Football matches at virtual version are within minutes, depending on the bookmaker, over a period of 3-5 minutes. The payout of the account is fast, so you can bet again, after some minutes. You can play many times for 90 minutes, which is the time of a standard soccer match. In addition to a single, you have the chance to try out a multiple bet column for a higher odds by including a few soccer matches on a betting ticket.

– Greyhounds – maybe the most popular game in recent times. The virtual bets on greyhounds are again in a matter of minutes and here we have a choice of manytournaments, that can be in Manchester, Newcastle, Southampton and others. We are betting on a winner in a race with 6 dogs, and we can try to know 1-3 places where the odds are much higher. There are possibility to races on more dogs, than standard. We can predict the first three dogs and we can bet on exactly which dog on which place will end and odds are really good on popular bookmakers. You can also choose a hound that finishes first or second and special virtual bets. Knowing the first two or three dogs is one of the most popular bets.

– Horse Racing – one of the oldest sports, especially in England is horse racing. Here you have the opportunity to play 24-hour horse racing, in a few minutes, you can bet on a winner, a fox, a tricast that is double and triple, the odds are higher than the hounds, but the number of horses in competition are more in general. Here, you can also choose, except the winner, the first two or the first three, that will finish faster.

– Tennis – in virtual tennis, there is no need to wait for the top championships, so you can bet even in the evenings or early morning who will be the winner, under and over sets, under and over games and much more. One of the biggest odds is the exact score for the game and the exact result for the set. The odds may well exceed 30.00. Definitely interesting virtual sports, where each game lasting about 5 minutes.

– Motor sports. Some bookmakers include motor sports betting. Here the variety is great, including motorcycles and cars racing. You have the chance to bet on the winner and also on tricast.

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