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Cash Out is one of the most popular options for closing the bets on the live market and this option is recently available in most bookmakers. Cash Out is a type of option especially designed for sports betting, which allows you, when betting, to choose to stop it during the sporting event. As an example, we can give a football match, where you have set the option of over 2.5 goals in football match. The match is live and you have the option to make cash out and to stop it.

The match moves well for you and for the first half your team scored two goals, but the second half, there is no goals and the game has a little more time to finish, so you have a cash out option to close this bet to return your money, or to make some profit, or lose a part of the stake, but not all stake. Another option is to wait for the end of the football match and rely on your team to score a third goal, but if that does not happen, you lose your entire stake, but with the cashout option you can minimize the lose, get your bet back, event, you can also make a profit, even on a previously closed bet. After the bet is closed, the amount will immediately be transferred to your personal account on bookmaker website. In a certain case, it is better to close the bet, than wait for the end of the event.

Definitely, useful and interesting options for bets, as most of the reputable bookmakers have already included it on their websites. The amounts, that will be offered to you cash out depends entirely on the outcome of the sporting event. There is a case where it is better to make cash out at the beginning of game, instead of waiting for the end.

Example: You are betting for a home win in football game. The team you are betting scores 3 goals at the beginning of the match. In this case, the cash out option will offer you a very similar amount to the one you expect and you can safely close the bet and head to another meeting, but you can wait, but you can risk more. Cash out is a useful option, especially for football bets, but you can also use it for volleyball, tennis, hockey and other sport events. You play for cash outs not only for single columns but also for multiple bets.

The main feature of the option is to terminate a bet earlier, where you can win, minimize losses or return your placed bet. As a drawback to Cash Out, we can mention that it is not available for all types of sports betting and markets.

It is important to know that a few minutes before the end of the event, on which we bet, it’s likely that the cash option is not available, sometimes even earlier, depending on the outcome of the sporting event. Let’s give another example: bet we have played for a single and bet for home win, it is 0: 2 first half, we can’t expect the bookmaker to offer us cash out, because we need 3 goals to win on our bet.

With the Cash Out option you have the following benefits:

– You keep your profits
– Reducing losses
– You increase the balance on your account

Cash Out is available from leading bookmakers such as Bet365, William Hill, Bwin, Tipbet and others.

Tippet even presented an automatic and semi-automatic wager option this year, even when the player is not online, by setting a limit, how and when the stake is reached to close bet automatically.

Some bookmakers, such as Betfair, have a bonus for players, to return the pledged amount, when first using the Cash Out option.

In the past times, the possibility of stopping a bet could only be done on a desktop computer or laptop, but at the moment the leading bookmakers have integrated Cash out on mobile phones and tablets as well.

For which leagues are offered Cash Out?

Currently, leading companies offer the option of football matches for the leading championships in England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and others. Often for second or third divisions, there is no such option at the moment, but over time, in our opinion, more leagues and divisions will participate in the Cash Out.

We can say that this new option is useful, allowing you to decide whether to leave a bet until the end or close it earlier.

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