Sport predictions are one of the most searchable among bettors, especially when it comes to football, especially during weekends. Numerous players are looking for information on a given league and the most played in general being the Premiership, the Bundesliga, the Primera Division, the A Series, as well as the Central and Eastern European Championships. During the week, we will look at matches from the leading football tournaments such as the Champions League and Europa League.

What can you expect in the Prediction section?

Here you can compare your analysis with our standard or reasoned predictions, get information about a team, statistics, snapshots and more. Sport predictions can be both the standard 1X2 and the most recent predictions for goals. It is always up to players to make their predictions in under and over goals with the main advantages being, that they do not wait for the end of the match in a larger percentage of the time and neither the shape of two teams is as important as the score. Another advantage is that, there are two real characters here, you have two variants ove r and under and in the 1h2 predictions, the variants are three, which is more or less a plus in favor of a bet on goals. In the forecast, we can include an Asian handicap, a forecast for the first or second half and also special bet predictions.

Please keep in mind, that the forecasts are only informative. Whether you play our predictions or not depends entirely on you.

How we make predictions?

The predictions of sports matches and above all of football are based mainly on team stats, current score, league rankings and more. When we talk about football predictions, almost always, one of the first things to watch is ranking, whether it’s a Premiership, a Bundesliga or some other championship. This is one of the main factors, but only based on it is difficult to make a specific forecast for a football game. It is important also the team’s current form, what results the teams have achieved over the years, and whether there are punished or injured players. It is also important to know, whether the team has a busy schedule and whether during the particular season it has placed a top ranking in the league or has staked as the primary goal of winning a cup / cups or tournaments. We know, that no matter how strong a team is, it is very difficult to play at full turn for both the championship and the cups and the tournaments such as the Champions League or Europa League.

What kind of matches are predicted?

Predictions are based on different championships mainly at weekends. Mostly based on the English League, the Bundesliga in Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal. We also not missed matches from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and other European championships. Sometimes, there is a good choice.

Let’s take a look at the top European championships that are preferred by football fans around the world:

English Premier League

Perhaps the most played league in terms of sports betting. Here, many players, in the weekend’s browse and search for Premier League football matches, which are generally played on Saturdays at 17:00 + 02:00 GMT.

The Premier League is one of the most popular soccer championships with 1X2 predominantly looking for home winners of the leaders, who can say are several teams in recent years: Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and others. This season, we see that in the top half of the table is Watford and Bournemouth. Not surprisingly, there are many high odds, that are winning also in the Premier League of England. It can be played not only on standard 1 x 2 scores, but also on goals. This gives an advantage in terms of the likelihood of 2 goals under and over and it is possible for the first half to be winning and why not the first few minutes. For example, we played a game over 2.5 goals, and by the 30th minute result is 2: 1, winning this result without waiting for the end of the match. It is not uncommon for the last and past team to surprise, when meeting with some of the leaders, although the odds are rather high, despite top teams odds.


The Bundesliga is one of the most played championships, starting on Saturday at 16:30 +2.00 GMT. Here are teams such as Bayern München and Dortmund, who have occupied the top 3 places in the Bundesliga for the past ten years and it is difficult for anyone else to take away any of them. More recently, Leipzig has been trying to take top positions, but Bayern and Dortmund’s class and capabilities still give them a big advantage. Bayern is an undisputed leader here, although Dortmund manages to move them from time to time, but that is not the easy case. Both teams are regular in the Champions League and less often in Europe League. If you bet on Bayern or Dortmund you have a good chance of winning often, but the odds are not high.

The Primera division

In the prediction of football matches, there is definitely one of the Top European Championships – Spain Primera Division League. Here are the Real Madrid and Barcelona Class Teams with matches mostly filled with adrenaline and multiple goals. A large number of players bet on Barcelona and RealMadrid, winning in most cases, but with odds of 1.20-1.30, the win is not big if the bet is low. Still, other teams can be searched and bet for, such as Valencia, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla, and why not bet on surprises. Here, too, we have witnessed surprises with high odds.

Italy Series A

An interesting championship, where we see the leaders Juventus, Inter, Napoli, Fiorentina. In general, the Italian Championship offers a more deffence games with matches often ending under 2.5 goals, but with a wager of more than over 2.5 / over 3.5 goals, we can expect high odds. Juventus has already attracted Cristiano Ronaldo in the team and will see this year if Juve’s level will be even higher. In principle, Juventus has almost no competitor and is a winner of the championship title and the Italian Cup. In addition, the Italians are a frequent semi-finalist or finalist in the Champions League.

In addition to these championships, you can also bet on the Portuguese League, which is also on a high level, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and other European championships.

With technology advances, you now have many options not only for betting, but also for closing the stake, such as the Cash out option. You can try Asian handicap on score, goals, and why not try out the prognosis of corners, which for most football fans is very interesting and fun. Let’s not forget the long-term predictions where you can bet on a high odds, before the start of championships.

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