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Almost every fan of football bets will be asked, can you bet long term and not just the games that begin on the day, or after one or two days, but for months and more time ahead. Yes, it is possible.

In addition to standard betting, there are many other types of bets that allow early to bet on an event, but to wait for a certain time and get better odds. Mainly this positions are on long-term bets for World Cups, European Cups, but also many others, as champion of the English Premier League, Germany, Spain and other leagues. 

Bet on long-term events is very interesting and unlike offline bookies, here your bet is online and are stored in the system. In online bookmakers there is an advantage, that you can not lose your bet slip by, because it is being inserted into the system and even that is waiting for a certain time, you can earn good profit, if you’re lucky. 

For example, we can give France national team of soccer, which was the fourth to win the World Cup in 2018, having previously it had teams of Brazil, Spain and Germany, but we see that France won and betting before the World Cup2018 in Russia, odds was enough good as subsequently began to fall. Who has pledged to France before the World won and this is a long term bet. Here we want to add, that in addition to long-term bets have special bets on matches that are played now or so-called football matches live. 

where you can bet on special bets in bookies:

– Team to score in both halves – When you think the team is strong, has a good attack, you can try the option to score in both halves. The coefficient is good and you can try your luck.

 – To win to zero – a team to keep a clean sheet in a football match. Our advice is to look for teams that rarely accept goals and has good defence, so may not conceding a goal in 90 minutes.

 – To win both halves – in this type of bet, you have to predict both halves of 1×2. We can give an example, so if you bet the guest, it should win the first and second half. We give an example with the following result. The team that in the match is a guest won the first half with the score 0: 1 and the second half with the score 1: 2, it follows that the final score is 1: 3 and you predict successfully the first and second half, as the final 1: 3 FT. Odds are higher, than to bet on the outcome – away win. 

– To miss a penalty – here in a penalty and if it is not marked and not a goal in predicted game, you can count on enough good factor for a football match. 

– To score a goal with penalty – bet in the magician to have a penalty and it was a goal. An interesting bets, that also brings you good profits in a familiar pledge. 

– Number of goals for the team – interesting position that brings good profit, if you beta and win how many goals team will scored, throughout the meeting. You can choose more than 0.5, over 1.5, over 2.5 and the odds increase significantly if you think, that team is efficient, attacking and bet ratio to 2.5 goal or more for this team. We can say, sometimes odds ratio are more, than 10:00.

The end result for you is irrelevant,but the important thing is team you have wagered to score goals and they are above the minimum position. 

– Goal Scorer – you can bet for scorer in different tournaments. The odds for soccer stars like Ronaldo and Messi are lower, but you can try your luck for other players. players. Let’s give an example for the World Cup in Russia, where English player became the top scorer – Harry Kane. Behind him was six goals scorer from Belgium, France, Russia and Portugal.

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